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The Artists Life : Seasons of Feast and Famine

There are times in your life when everything you attempt to do will seem to go wrong. Your faith may be strong and your commitment deep, yet adversity will come knocking on your door. In such times, the power of … Continue reading

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Learning Patience When Starting Your Business

I have a fatal flaw; I am impatient. Though its my impatience that has gotten me very far, so it has it’s good moments. There are moments in our life when things will feel stagnant. That no matter what we … Continue reading

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The OG/ Enigma

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A look at Leonardo Da Vinci’s To Do List.

One of the most prolific and creative men in history, had a bit of ADHD , click the link. Apparently Leonardo da Vinci carried around a littlenotebook¬†with him everywhere. As he was inspired by the world around him, he would … Continue reading

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The Secret of Fulfillment

“Theres a time for everything, a time to weep and a time to laugh.” Optimists tend to believe that life is mostly good; pessimists, that it’s mostly bad. Life is both. And only those who embrace that truth are able … Continue reading

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Find of The Day: “Hold Steady”

I have to say, my job has been frustrating me like crazy the past couple weeks. Things haven’t been going my way and other events have been piling onto the another to make it feel like a burden. I found … Continue reading

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Inspirational Quote of The Week- Russell Simmons

“Things work out ¬†best for those who make the best of the way things work out.”- Russell Simmons  

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