Learning Patience When Starting Your Business

I have a fatal flaw; I am impatient. Though its my impatience that has gotten me very far, so it has it’s good moments.

There are moments in our life when things will feel stagnant. That no matter what we do and the amount of effort we put in we see barely if any at all results. The easy thing to do is to get angry frustrated and pissed off, and these are actually good emotions.

We’re geared towards pleasure and other good emotions so it puts off to be in somewhat unpleasant emotions.

These emotions are all part of the process of growth, and its in these moments of pain and frustration that we begin to grow.

In our careers/ passions the age period of 20-30 is when we learn mostly before we make any significant impact, this period is a period of learning; making mistakes, and learning from them.

There arent any shortcuts in life. We’re young and so its understandable to want everything to happen overnight. But timing is vital, and things will always come to us at the right time. While we wait patiently we’re developing qualities such as faith and hope.

“…We know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, and character hope.”

Romans 5:3

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