2 of my Favorite Things; The Wire and a Jamaican Meal

There are many things I’m passionate about  but at the upper echelon of my list are catching an episode of The Wire


and a hot plate of rice and peas, steaming ox-tail callaloo and some macaroni & cheese.


So when I saw that Anthony Bourdain had gotten all of that in one awesome youtube experience, I’m only green with envy.


Bourdain was filming for his tv show “No Reservations” with Michael K Williams aka Omar, when they ran into Jamie Hector, aka Marlo aka “My Name is My Name!” You know how awesome that is?

Thats like taking Jay Z to lunch and running into Nas as well. Too much man, too much.

I really got nothing to say to you Bourdain, you beat me this month in the competition for awesomeness. The youtube vid is below for your viewing pleasure.You can weep as well if you want.

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