The Mind is Stronger Than The Body

We werent close friends but we were simply cool whenever we were in the same circle. We were both pastor’s sons, his father had abandoned him and his mother and moved to the states. He was always humble, never spoke much only when he had a need to.

I moved to the states and years passed. On coming back I heard he had testicular cancer, it had spread all over his body. He had a couple weeks left to live.

The cancer had spread to his brain, it resulted in him having seizures every couple hours. The doctors keep him sedated so he doesnt have to go through the pain. The seizures were causing him bleed through his nose.

The average patient has 60 breaths per minute; his was only six. The doctors had turned off the drip. Everyone in the hospital was simply waiting for him to die. Most of the nurses simply felt sorry for him when they went to his room. They called his mother and told her to start making preparations.

My father had been visiting him the past couple months, singing choruses and praying with him. On this day my father had prepared for the worst. He held his hand as he was semi conscious and recited the Shepherd’s psalm, he then did a second prayer.

“Lord, guide this soul

As he moves on to heaven”

On the second sentence he pulls his hand away from my father. He doesn’t agree with the prayer. He’s not ready to die just yet.

Yesterday his mother calls my father. The doctors are shocked, as he is beginning to recover.

I listen and understand something everyone always says but never really believe.

“The Mind is Stronger than the Body.”

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