The 5 Freedoms: 4-The Freedom of Uncertainty

“Blessed is he who has no expectations, for he wont be disappointed”-

The past couple months I’ve had alot of expectations of how things should be and because of that I’ve caught myself not living in the moment.

Our dreams move us. Our past is what teaches us more about ourselves and the possibility of our future is what inspires us to continue. But these can trap us so many times as well. What we know can limit us. Our past experiences can teach us not to take risks. We have the fear of being hurt or rejected in our relationships so we play it safe or settle. We have the fear of going bankrupt again so we keep that 9-5 job that makes us miserable instead of risking starting up our own business.

I’ve realised that a 9-5 may provide us security to build our visions but it may trap us as well.

“Y’all just trying to survive, Im trying to live”- Jay Z

Chasing security is what traps us; its predictable, monotonous, “the known” it is what makes us become stagnant and boring. This is what prevents us from growing. This is the same as performing certain deeds and hoping for a given result. We can hope that what we do will bring us success, but we should just be thankful in the fact that we were able to do it.

The unknown, is what is beautiful. As Deepak Chopra once said:  “The unknown is the fertile ground for pure creativity and freedom… it is the field of all possibilities, ever fresh, ever new always open to new manifestations.”

If you allow your past to limit you. You’ll become a victim of it, and you’ll be tormented by the what ifs; who you once were or who you could have been.

To take the risk and to live in the uncertain is to be boundless and free. Its a blessing to let go of our expectations of how our week should go how our plans should play out etc. To not have that means we’re open to a wider range of possibilities. Some that may surpass what we had planned in the first place.

The beautiful thing about life, about people is that it is all unpredictable. We never know how things will play out but that is what gives us strength. To not know what will happen but to take a leap of faith or the first step anyway is confidence.  Because so many people allow life to beat them and settle into mediocrity and the mundane. Their fear of being hurt is too much for them to act. This is why I believe there is strength in vulnerability.

Im not saying live your life with no goals and no plans. Im saying set your goals, but dont try and control HOW you get there. Let God and life, worry about the process.

Be aware of your life. In tuned to the universe, and allow it to bring your desires into fruition. This is what I mean in staying in the moment, meeting life’s opportunities with preparedness. Thats what some people call having “Good Luck”.

So have your goals, maintain your desires but don’t allow your past to limit you. Neither don’t be so caught up in the future that you don’t recognize life’s opportunities. Be in the moment and play through life’s uncertainties. Because once you are in the moment and not worried about the outcome, then you are free.

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