Moving Forward

With or without you Im moving forward- Don Draper

Life is constantly in motion. Everything is fluid and nothing is static. Every experience we’ve had from the moment we were born until now has made us what we are today. The good we’ve went through as well as the bad, decides how we react for the rest of our life. The past is what helps to mold us as we learn from it and grow. I have always believed that one can change. I believe that there is nothing in this world that one cant have if they believe and no matter how bad a person used to be, they can improve and become an almost completely new person.

Because of this belief however I had alot of expectations that people from the past would see things the same way. I am proof that a person can change and can have whatever they want in this world if they work for it. However a thing that took me a while to accept is that not everyone will see it this way.

When people see the new you, some will not like it. When Jesus returned to his hometown and did miracles the people didnt approve. “Isnt this the carpenter’s son?” they asked. They tried to place him in a pigeon hole, and they’ll do the same to you.

Jesus left saying “A prophet is honored everywhere except in his home town .”

When someone sees  a vulnerable side to you, they have a hard time accepting that you can be strong. We’re all used to placing people in categories when we see them acting differently to what we’re used to we may not like it.

When Oprah lost alot of weight, she lost alot of her friends. Her friends wanted her to stay fat, so they could feel comfortable about their own bodies.

When I went back to jamaica I tried making alliances with old friends. I realized that i had changed so much we had absolutely nothing in common anymore. Out of sentiment I tried to maintain the friendship, then I realised the mature thing to do was to simply move on.

The best thing at times can be starting over. The feeling that one can go to a new city and start over and then make it can be beautiful. The endless possibilities as well as making friends who are on a path similar to your own.

The future is what moves us, as we hold tightly to our vision. That inner calling that we’ve always received glimpses of from so long is what keeps us moving. The more we imagine ourselves in the boardroom, helping others with our unique gifts writing a book the closer it is to becoming a reality. Before our vision comes into being God gives us glimpses of it.

We should only be focused on attaining our goals and getting to the next stage of things. “I am not all I should be , but this one thing I do forgetting what is behind and focusing on whats ahead.”

Focused people do not live in their past, they cant afford to. At times we’re tempted to focus on our past; the mistakes we’ve done or the wrongs people have done to us. Dont, we must never allow the past to hold us back. Focused people do not pay attention to their difficulties, only on the rewards. If you look at the difficulties you may develop a habit of self-pity instead of self-discipline. Focusing on the results will keep you encouraged. And finally focused people choose their friends carefully (So important). Some people know the person you’re focused on becoming, they help you, encourage you, and let you know when you’re off track. Simply hang out with these people! And if you cant find friends like this, then BE that friend.

So the only place the past should be is in our memory. The only power it has the power we give it. So we forget our past and continue to move forward, cause theres nothing that can prevent us from achieving our goals. Not our past, neither our friends nor our family. With or without them we continue to move forward.

*hops off soap box

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