The 5 Freedoms: 2-The Freedom of Faith

“If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”- Jesus

On the way back from an interview I was reflecting on myself over the past year. I have realised certain truths about the world; Namely that at times one must do what they dont feel like doing because that is maturity. And also that passion doesnt necessarily mean income.

Stepping into the working world as a college graduate I faced a huge fear of settling for mediocrity and calling it being realistic and also losing my faith.

My faith in the fact that dreams can become a reality, my faith in the fact that we as a people deserve the best that the world has to offer. And the simple faith that whatever is deemed as impossible is in fact possible.

A close friend Evan and I had a recent talk. He was telling me about his job as a teacher in Japan and some of the things he didnt like about it. We then got on to the book of “The Way of The Superior Man” by David Deida.

In the book Deida raises an interesting point. He argues that one thing of becoming a True Man is being able to accept the fact that your dreams may not come true.

He argues that this is a possibility that one must accept and to deny that one would then become the Starving Artist; The artist who doesn’t live in the real world who refuses to adapt to its demands.

At first I accepted that as a truth. The world is filled with people who when one door was closed to them opened another one. Gordon Ramsey was a soccer player with a bad leg who discovered cooking by accident. Barack Obama wanted to be a lawyer  and never imagined he would become president.  I saw that as a possibility that my dreams may never happen and I may be a spectacular human being with a regular job.

However I caught myself and remembered a simple truth. That there truly is nothing in this world we cant have once you’ve accepted the fact that you can have it. And even though everyone in the world has their dreams, the difference between the majority and those who succeed is:

They never take failure personally, they learn from it.

They never quit they always keep at their dream.

If success was easy, everyone would be successful. But its not, life knows that we never appreciate anything that comes easy to us so it throws obstacles in our way to see how badly we want to achieve our dreams.

Most people at the first sign of trouble simply quit and settle. They lose their zest and optimism about life and basically sleep walk through their days. I choose to maintain my faith.  Most people simply miss out on lifes opportunities because they dont have faith in themselves or in lifes possibilities.

They see their past mistakes as who they are and dont see that they can brush themselves off and improve.  I choose to keep my faith and optimism about life’s possibilities. It keeps me moving forward and helps to me to remember that all mistakes and setbacks are temporary.

So many people view faith as being naive, and cynicism as being realistic and mature. If thats the case then being realistic is the first steps that lead to mediocrity.

So to those who have their dreams, continue to nurse it and protect it. Its those who’ve allowed life to defeat them that will tell you its impossible or cant be done.  Let us continue to strive towards our dreams; that is the power of faith.

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