50 Cent On Twitter

So 50 is back on the cyber scene (not that he never left) Any ways he recently took to twitter to speak his mind and hilarity ensues.

I can’t belive my grand mothers making me take Out the garbage I’m rich fuck this I’m going home I don’t need this shit. I took out the garbage She mad cause I havent been over there a lot I been working my grand father was laughingAnd shit fuck that

Look michelle obama Need I thug in her life fuck that come hereGirl can you by my mentor

I was kicking it wit swiss last night That nigga happy he got alicia keysHe was smiling and shit That nigga showed me all his teeth

Soulja Boy my little nigga They just cought him snow mobilingIts cool. I got a nigga dat a handle dat kat stacksBitch for him right quick

They set me up man They wasn’t suppose to show me how To use this shit I’m activated no one safe.

Don’t send me no fuckin wack beats man Dats why my last cd didn’t do right lol I should kill every producer on da last cd

Missinfo you need to let me hit dat So I can get rid of that ciara rumorI like fine asian girls let me spank dat ass lol

I think @TonyYayo done stole money out my pocket dam cant trust nobody ima find me a hot bitch and leave all these niggas like j did da roc

50 Cent

LMAO twitter is no longer safe


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