F**k You – Cee Lo

Wow. Cee Lo Green may have gotten the new summer anthem to replace “Crazy” . I dont know how its gonna work out when he’s doing his video for this single though.  Censors gonna have a field day with this one.

I’m not one that advocates dedicating songs to exes with bitterness in heart. Part of emotional maturity is moving on with no hard feelings in my opinion. Then again I havent had that many girlfriends in my life so far.  I also dont know how I feel about the gold digger sentiment. From what I’ve come to understand most women dont want a guy with a car or money (even though that would be nice) they want a man with ambition and goals; and anyone can have that.

(Sidenote: I may have to take that back after having a little talk with a girl I’ve been interested in. She tried having me jump through her hoops re if I have a car yadda yadda)

Anyways forgive the rant. The song is hot check it out below.


Why is breaking up the new love?

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