Giving Up on The Fear of Getting Hurt.

I was talking to Rafe a friend from Japan the other day. He has been teaching Martial Arts in 50 different countries since he was 16.
He said something to me that stuck as to why he fights.
He said that he has to fight now so he doesnt get hit or suffer later on.
He believes that in a fight its good if he gets hit, and hurt now, because it would prepare him; later on he would know what to do and how to prevent it.
That struck a chord in me . On putting myself on the line and making mistakes in my art and in my relationships.
We must be willing to take risks so we can make better decisions in the long run. So many times we’re afraid of putting our work on the line because negative criticism, and in relationships we’re afraid of being vulnerable or somehow making a fool of ourselves.

A wise man once said ” The only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing do nothing and be nothing” So we might as well take risks and put ourselves on the line.

As Arnold Schwarzeneger said, to embrace the pain period is what separates the champions from everyone else.

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