Breaking The Spirit of Failure

Usually when faced with a couple mistakes I’ve been tempted to stop trying. I think a habit of failure can be easy to develop if allowed.  After a string of constant mistakes its easy to think of failure as a habit and allow feelings of doubt to take over. I remember a quote from Neil Strauss.

“The game is like surfing, you start out and go smoothly at times and then other times you slip and fall off the board. But no matter what each day you get up and keep surfing”

Years have passed and I did this to what felt like no avail. But then I realized that failure, truly is an invented concept. There is no such thing as failure there only learning lessons.- A wise man once said. I’ve reevaluated myself and seen that what I saw as failure was truly lessons that I learned and grew from a bit.

I’ve brought myself back into not seeing things as failure but as seeing it as lessons. I’ve rededicated myself to the game of creativity and art.  Because if I keep at it I know I will succeed. I leave this post with a passage I read tonight by Bob Gass

Things weren’t going well for the disciples. What worked before, wasn’t working now. Listen: “we have toiled all night and caught nothing…’ Does that describe you?

“Lord, I tried so hard but look at my marriage, my finances, my career. I’ve been mistreated and overlooked. Perhaps they’re right about me; maybe I’m not supposed to be blessed.”

Notice: Peter, John and James were washing their nets; that’s the last thing fishermen do before they give up and head for home. They saw no point in trying again.

The Lord often waits until we’ve been humbled by defeat, then He steps in with a life-changing word. At first it’s a word that’s hard to accept, because we’re dealing with the spirit of failure. We become defensive and think, “You don’t know what I’ve been through.’ When God speaks, it’s your “make-or-break” moment. If you go with your feelings you’ll miss what He’s got, but if you go with your faith, the place of your greatest failure can become the place of your greatest success.

Fortunately, Peter decided to respond in faith. Listen: “nevertheless at Thy word I will let down the net’ (Luke 5:5 NKJ). That changed everything! Today you may be hurting or doubting or afraid, but if you’ll only look to Jesus and say ‘Nevertheless at thy word I will” He’ll turn things around for you. That morning the disciples caught more fish than they ever had before. The truth is, the blessing God has in store for you is greater than anything you can imagine

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One Response to Breaking The Spirit of Failure

  1. loriswords says:

    Bless up Steven!

    A good word, sir! All the best for your rededication. Can’t wait to see the end product.

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