Setting Up a Twitter and Facebook Acct. Is a Waste of Time

Last night / this morning a close friend and I had a lil talk. I was discussing my usual fear of falling into a 9 to 5, and the constant fight of paying my bills especially the loans. Thats when we came to the same conclusion.

As much as we would like to believe we should do what we love till someone pays us to do it. Without having strong finances we miss out on opportunities that may come our way.

A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes life merry, but money is the answer for everything.- King Solomon

Twice this month I had to pass on some opportunities to learn because I had to focus on getting more gigs. Without a strong financial ground there isnt much we can get done. How many times have independent films not be as successfull as they should simply because there wasn’t a “bigger budget”

Thats when He sent me the link to this site by Ramit Sethi called  I Will Teach You To Be Rich on the site Ramit discusses the importance of saving and how immigrants have different saving habits than Americans. However one Main article caught my eye.

Twitter and Facebook is a waste of Time.

Most people waste time on things that will never produce a cent of income. If your goal is $1,000+/month, here are the biggest wastes of time:

  • Setting up a Twitter account
  • Setting up a Facebook page
  • Setting up a blog
  • Buying business cards, getting a business license, or doing anything backoffice-related

This angers a lot of cranky unsuccessful businesspeople, mostly because they see themselves in the above and wonder why they’re “still” not earning money — even though “they’ve done everything they can.”

Yes, they’ve done everything they can. EVERYTHING EXCEPT TALKING TO SOME GOD DAMNED PROSPECTS. It’s so much easier to set up a useless Twitter/FB page than talking to actual people about their actual needs, isn’t it? I swear to god, if I hear another person complaining about business, yet they haven’t done any customer research, I’m going to drink 40 gallons of water, take a barrel into a sauna, sit in it, and drown myself in my own sweat. What the hell is wrong with these people?

None of the above things will get you paying customers. In fact, they will distract you from what you really need to be doing, which is identifying needs of potential customers, talking to them, and validating (or invalidating) your ideas. I have a guy who works with me who has NO website, yet he is killer at understanding what his clients (aka me) need. I paid him $10,000+ last month.

Defintely worth a peak and an eyeopener for me.

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