No Rewards

Its been an incredibly long week. 2 shoots per day. Its been draining, some paid, while some were for the portfolio.  Theres something I’ve had to remind myself of while doing the work.

Alot of people do actions for the sake of a reward. A reward can be something as big as pay or as little as the approval of our friends. The problem comes that we find ourselves getting frustrated because we always find ourselves coming short. The only thing we can do is to just do an action without the expectation of a reward.
For example most people go to work everyday just thinking of payday and the money they will get from work they are doing. they can hardly wait for Friday or Saturday whatever day they receive their money and can take time off. They are working for the reward and as a result they resist work they try to avoid the action and it becomes more difficult and they don’t try their best.

They have to work because they have to pay the rent. They have all that frustration and when they receive their money they are unhappy.

Miguel Ruiz wrote about Doing Your Best at All Times, he wrote : “Doing your best really doesn’t feel like work because you enjoy what you’re doing. You are know you are doing your best when you are enjoying the action or doing it in a way that will not have any negative repercussions for you. You do your best because you want to do it not because you are trying to please other people.

If you take action just for the sake of doing it without expecting a reward, you will find that you enjoy every action you do. rewards will come but you are not attached to the reward. You can even get more than you would have imagined for yourself without expecting a reward. If we like what we do, if we always do our best, then we are really enjoying life.We are having fun we dont get bored, we dont have frustrations. When we work for no reward we find ourselves living intensely. We become productive, we become good to ourselves because we are giving to our family our community, everything. But its the action that makes you intensely happy. This is why alot of people do community service and volunteer. It frees us from expectations and frees us from rewards.

I’ll post some of the pics soon enough…

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